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Entrance hall
  • Entrance hall
  • Marble table
  • Dome
  • Wainscoting detail
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Entrance hall

First floor

The Scott House is a stellar example of the American Renaissance architecture in which the rooms are designed in different styles, each having been chosen for its association with the function of the room. The floor plan of the front house can be described as four pens and a passage, a basic American house plan since the 18th century. Just as it sounds, the arrangement is simply four rooms off of a center hall, with a rear wing for servants.

Entrance hall

Upon entering the home, one is greeted by a Louis-XVI style entrance hall and a grand staircase with mahogany and bronze railing. The center chandelier originally had a red tassel hanging from it to complement the red damask portieres on each doorway. The Italian, hand-carved marble table was made specifically for Frederic Scott and was installed in 1910.